Dear Trang

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Dear Trang,
I wish to congratulate you personally and on behalf of John Robert Powers International for the excellent 10th Anniversary Showcase of your franchise that I attended at the HCMC Opera House on April 5, 2016.
The participants’ performances, the focus of the content on the key elements of our curriculum, the professional structure and staging of the Showcase demonstrated that your JRP franchise has successfully and effectively adapted the JRP vision of “helping people to be the best they can be”, within the context of contemporary culture in Vietnam.
Your personal dedication and 10 years of commitment to the objectives of JRP are a source of inspiration for your fellow franchisees, the JRP International staff and me. I am grateful to your family and staff for all that they have contributed to assist you to “make it happen.”
All of us at John Robert Powers International together with the entire JRP network look forward to working with you to continue to expand upon the success of the HCMC franchise throughout Vietnam.
Best Regards,
Richard C. Upton

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